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Facilitating Strategy

This week I ran a workshop at Wszechnica Uniwersytetu in Krawkow on facilitating strategy meetings and workshops. Participants asked for the slide deck, so please download it here.

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A short history of leading change', and check out the methods posts I referred too.


Three ways to use illustrations in workshops

It can be helpful to make a distinction between three typical uses of illustrations or hand drawn images in meetings and workshops.

1. Wall Decorations: seek to evoke emotions or express wishes


The brilliant work of @GapingVoid. The mans a genius.

What Does An Illustration Based Strategy Workshop Look Like?


This weeks 2 day strategy workshop with WGP combined ProMeet tools and methods, with strategic illustration. Read More...

How To Create A 10 Year Roadmap And Intervention Plan


Yesterday ProMeet facilitated a workshop, at Sadler’s Wells for 24 leaders of the UK Hydrogen Fuel Cell sector. The aim: to create a 10 year roadmap for the sector. Read More...

Word-Strategy Cards


Tools to help conversations.
Try using these cards in strategy and planning conversations. Read More...

What is Strategic Illustration?


A picture to save a thousand (forgotten) words.

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