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Wallchart of gridcards from a hydrogen fuel cell sector workshop
ProMeet workshops, meetings and events often use our helpful wallcharts and gridcards, and sometimes we use illustration as a visual way of capturing the key points discussed and agreed as a meeting progresses.

Gridcard Stacks

Below you can see the examples of the gridcard outputs from a one day roadmapping workshop held for 25 leaders of the UK hydrogen fuel cell sector.

We have a slightly
nerdy approach to scanning and recording gridcards after workshops conclude and below you can see examples of how workshop data is recorded.

View the content from four examples stacks by scrolling through four PDF booklets (in most browsers), for example the workshop had 8 objectives (see those in the stack 1 PDF below).
PDF Stack 1: Workshop Objectives (also seen on the far left in-situ on the wallchart picture above)
Stack 2: Individual Insights for a 10 Year Vision (seen on the wallchart above in columns 2, 3 and 4)
Stack 3: Horizon Issues (seen on the wallchart above in columns 6, 7, 8 and 9)
Stack 4. Sector Specific Opportunities
Throughout the day we recorded individual participant and group work, in total that work formed 17 PDF 'digital booklets', that were sent to workshop participants the day after the workshop.

















Visual plans

Additionally it can be helpful, especially in multi-lingual workshops, to graphically record, or plan and create a strategic illustration at the same time as meeting participants work together.

These illustrations work best if they capture key points, or group agreements, and they can be very helpful for widening the discussion with other stakeholders after a workshop has ended. Done well, they can help align action and sustain momentum.
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Illustration produced during the workshop. See a bigger one here.
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Illustration with action plan added in post production. See a bigger one here.

Get clear agreements, accountable actions & visual plans.

ProMeet tools help participants tell the story of the work in the time after the workshop or meeting and help build cultures of action and accountability.
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