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You want outcomes, not meetings

In early discussions with clients, we often say, "You don't want a meeting, you want an outcome, so let's start with what you want to happen because of the meeting…"

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Culture change
Chris Thomson
Working with
Sean’s been a transformational experience for the Senior Management Team at BHASVIC.

We have had conversations together and have made progress of a kind that we cannot imagine would ever have been possible without his skilled and committed help.

Sean has expertly facilitated a quite fundamental change in the way we think about ourselves and the way we conduct business that is having a positive effect throughout the College and not only within the SMT. We're enormously grateful to him!

Chris Thomson
Principal at Brighton Hove & Sussex Sixth Form College
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Global summit
Deborah Sexton
Sean Blair is one of the finest program facilitators I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He is amazingly thoughtful in his approach and his preparation is impeccable.

Our audience of program and event organizers is a tough one, yet Sean managed to keep them engaged and thinking through a long three day trip. I would highly recommend his work to any organization/company looking for results

Kelly Peacy
Professional Convention Management Association

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Service design
Big thanks to Sean Blair for awesome facilitation and getting real engagement from everyone attending. All participants behaved beautifully and a few who looked disengaged at the start ended up some of our most active participants.

Lego Serious Play worked well and we got some really good insight because of it.

The workshop gave us clear interpretations of the issues, needs and opportunities of the export experience.

Sean was quite literally amazing.

Tansy Robson
UKTI Ideas Lab
Team build
I worked with Sean to develop an offsite team event for the senior programme manager community making use of his Lego Serious Play facilitation skills.

Right from the initial call, he helped develop the agenda and identify sessions to make the best use of the day in achieving its outcomes. I'd happily recommend him for future such events.

Shah Irani
Lead Programme Manager - Waitrose
Strategy workshop
Set with the challenging task of building alignment within a diverse team of directors, Sean managed to bring some much needed clarity and simplicity to an extremely complex vision, and for this we are truly thankful.

Sean, your insight, passion and dedication were noted and appreciated by all.

Serge Radovcic
Chief Communications Officer at RIPE NCC
Ambition and direction
Dear Sean, Thank you for facilitating Ravensbourne's strategy awaydays so ably.

Facilitation is one of those activities that too many people think they can do well. Some of those people should watch you at work - professional, firm, authoritative, gracious and focused on the outcome we wanted, which was to have a senior team of executives and governors sharing ambition and direction.

I confess that when you and I first met I wasn't immediately sure that Lego Serious Play would be the right tool for our team. You quickly gained my trust and I'm absolutely delighted that, having listened carefully to what we wanted to achieve, you made such persuasive arguments for the approach.

I would be very happy to recommend your services to others.

All the best, Jon

Jonathan Drori CBE
Chairman, Ravensbourne Board of Governors
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Leadership conference - design and facilitation
Edward Bignold
Sean designed and facilitated a critical workshop for our division.

The workshop delivered well above the outcomes expected, due in large part to the innovative methodology Sean applied through Lego Serious Play and the effort taken by Sean to understand our team, our context and our ambition.

Personally it was a pleasure to work together and in particular I appreciated his ability to advise us in how to maximise the value from our workshop.

Edward Bignold
Director, Hotel Performance and Operations Support - Europe
InterContinental Hotels Group
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International conference - design and facilitation
You facilitated the ESCMID congress strategy meeting in June 2015 in Tübingen, Germany.

In this highly important meeting the Executive board and the Executive office met to elaborate the future direction of our annual congress.

We knew that the task was challenging: to consolidate potentially highly differing views and opinions in the board and to profit from office knowledge and experience – which has not been done before in such setting.

You as facilitator did a great job in keeping us on track, stimulating beneficial exchange and avoiding or cutting short futile discussions. With your facilitation, we took great results home and surpassed all expectations.

Judith Zimmermann
ESCMID Executive Director
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European network conference & workshops
Wouter Vermeulen  Coca-Cola Europe
I enjoyed working with Sean at Coca-Cola's ... Together We Move Event

Sean successfully implemented the ProMeet-workshop methodology which unlocked the great thinking of +160 participants from 22 countries.

Great outcome!

Wouter Vermeulen
Corporate Responsibility Director, Health & Wellness - Coca-Cola Europe

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Leadership conference - design and facilitation
Roberto Vitagliano
DENSO is a very culturally diverse and complicated organisation, and sometimes it is not so easy for us to understand each other.

Your flexibility really helped pull our leadership conference together and be a very successful event for the participants and all those involved in the design team. I also felt that your new input, challenges to our accepted ways of thinking and facilitation skills, all contributed to the very positive end result.

The European and Japanese leaders liked your facilitation style, inviting inquiry, without setting the expectation of a right / wrong answer, the process of the gridcards / use of the ORID model, to help focus on our leadership priorities and your excellent adherence to time keeping.

Roberto Vitagliano
Director, European Human Resources
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New team project planning workshop
Having experienced ProMeet on a number of occasions I find it an effective way to manage what have previously been long difficult meetings.

ProMeet ensures clarity of objectives and provides a process that gives everyone a 'voice'.

Coupled with this I find Sean's professionalism and his commitment to bring learning into the meeting process gives people the opportunity to build stronger and more trustful working relationships.

Marina Bolton 
Organisation Development
Department for Work and Pension

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International conference - design and facilitation
Natasha Richards
IMEX has recently partnered with the IAF (International Association of Facilitators) and Sean has been the driving force behind our collaboration on the IMEX Association Day programme.

Sean has almost single-handedly taken us on a journey from wish list 'what if's' to help improve our programme to a reality of total delegate engagement and interaction.

Sean also introduced us to
Lego® Serious Play® and using Lego models our group were able to develop ideas for the next generation associations and have a great deal of fun in the process!

Natasha Richards
Manager, Partnerships & Association Relations, IMEX Group
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Roadmap and sector development
Liz Flint
Sean has transformed the way I am approaching a new piece of work - helping the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell sector to develop a vision and roadmap for the next 10 years.

Sean expertly facilitated the first workshop we held with the sector, but his role and influence reach much deeper than that. His supportive approach and skillful questioning were essential in pushing me to think more deeply and creatively about the outcomes I hoped to achieve, and he brought lots of great ideas to our discussions about how we might achieve those outcomes.

Sean is clear thinking, creative, energising, supportive and great fun to work with. His focus on enabling change rather than 'just' facilitating a workshop is really refreshing, and the Promeet tools he has developed both help to ensure clarity, and to ensure that the outputs of an event are professionally captured and disseminated.

Liz Flint
Lead Technologist - Innovate UK

Also see the outputs and illustrations.
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Rail conference facilitation
Thank you very much for your contribution to the Next Generation Rail Conference!

The LEGO Serious Play session went really well and I heard lots of positive comments on the day. Thanks!

Giulia Lorenzini
Partnerships Manager
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International conference chair
Mogens Kirkeby ISCA
Sean makes you feel comfortable as conference organiser. He is professional and prepared.

He is focused on the conference aims and knows how he wants to get there.

Sean can walk the thin line of being a strong and connecting moderator without being the centre of the conference. 

Mogens Kirkeby
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International conference - design and facilitation
Martin Farrell
In August 2014 Sean was one of four of us from the IAF (International Association of Facilitators) who met with IMEX to see if and how we could work together.

Sean volunteered to lead preparations for IMEX 2015 which was to be the first expression of the formal partnership agreement.

Although there was more work involved than we imagined, Sean was unfailingly creatively and energetically delivered at every stage of the process.

In so doing he has demonstrated what the power of facilitation can achieve and has set a new benchmark of excellence in engagement.

Sean you have exceeded my expectations and it has been a pleasure working with you.

Martin Farrell
EMENA Regional Director
International Association of Facilitators
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Organisation wide adpotion of ProMeet
Jayne Hilditch
Sean is an unusual evangelist. An evangelist about *meetings* I thought this was just too weird until I saw him in action. He's awesome.

His underlying belief is that humans do great work when they come together. But somehow when that "coming together" takes the form of a "meeting" often goes wrong.

But he can help you fix that, so meetings become transformational for both organisations and participants.

Sean can facilitate meetings and workshops, but more significantly can pass on his techniques and tools so you learn to do it better yourself.

Pro-Meet has stood the test of time. Our best meetings are ones that stick to Pro-Meet principles and use the Pro-Meet tools.

Highly recommended. And that's from someone who started out as sceptic!

Jayne Hilditch
Corporate Services Director
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Education leaders innovation workshops
Mike Gibbons
This system provides the best structure for our meetings that I have ever seen.

Mike Gibbons
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User centered service design
Our team needed to find some excellent facilitators for our ExportJam days being held all around the country. Sean definitely fitted the bill.

Despite the unreasonably short notice, Sean’s experience and professionalism meant he was able to design and lead an incredibly fun day of creative codesign activities for around 50 London participants.

As a result, we have dozens of great ideas for improving export support for businesses and a very happy and engaged community of London jammers.

Audree Fletcher
Head of UKTI Ideas Lab
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Full team planning workshop
Jim Bowes
We worked with Sean to build new values, behaviours and principles for Manifesto using Lego Serious Play.

In a short space of time he was able to gain the trust of our team and arm them with the skills needed to consider, articulate and select what we're striving to be.

Sean is an excellent facilitator with the skills and experience to adapt his approach to different settings and brief.

Jim Bowes
Managing Director
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Global collective impact meeting
Thank you for your excellent work on the GGGI meeting.

Your advice on the agenda and your facilitation were both excellent.

We have received a lot of positive feedback on the meeting and in particular your facilitation

Katherine George
Project Manager – Global Ghost Gear Initiative
World Animal Protection 
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University strategy workshops
Pat Chrisie
Sean is someone I would highly recommend to anyone - he combines expert knowledge with a great personality. He also has energy and drive in abundance.

We have worked with Sean on two big projects - on strategy development and on improving our meeting culture - both experiences have been fantastic and have already brought many benefits to the department and to individual staff.

Ultimately Sean will work with you in a co-creative way to get great results.

Pat Christie
Director of Information Services

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International congress facilitation
Saska Benedicic Tomat
Our work with Sean Blair and ProMeet aimed to develop the MOVE Congress 2014 program attractive, interactive and special.

We were thrilled when Sean implementation resulted great interactivity with clear thinking, energising inputs, and at the same time supportive for 300 participants and with a great fun.

It was not just facilitation of the MOVE Congress 2014, it was also his contribution to the event planning and to the Congress program.

What we appreciated most about working with Sean was his ability to cut through the predictable challenges of the event, keep everyone happy, and deliver the expected results.

Saska Benedicic Tomat
MOVE Congress 2014 coordinator

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music component of the work.
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Strategy and planning workshop
I strongly recommend Sean for his expert skills in facilitating positive and meaningful discussions.

Recently Sean enabled a strategic workshop amongst our senior team and board members.

Sean was able to interpret the brief quickly and accurately, and delivered exactly what was specified and more.

Very professional and personable.

Caroline Killeavy
Head of Community Engagement 
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Q4 team planning meeting
Cecily Mills Oliver Bonas
ProMeet is an extremely effective meeting system that enabled us to get straight to the point and action plan key objectives to deliver our strategic plan.

Sean’s facilitation was second to none; he was certain to understand about our company and values and tailored his approach in exactly the right way.

Sean is professional, courteous and was totally dedicated to helping get the results we wanted from the meeting. For anyone who wants to get the most out of their meetings I highly recommend working with Sean.

Cecily Mills
Oliver Bonas
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Project planning meeting
Graham Honeywill
Head of Online Marketing & Tools
The ProMeet team were able to successfully plan and deliver against our desired outcomes in a workshop that had technical, cultural and subject matter complexities built in (including video-conferencing).

The process they brought to the meeting was able to be adapted to fit our needs and the facilitation was both focussed and flexible.

Graham Honeywill
Head of Online Marketing & Tools

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Board meetings
Brian Clivaz
ProMeet took a group of executives from diverse backgrounds many of whom had never met before. Sean managed to meld them into a cohesive Board within a few hours using his specially devised card system.

The resultant strategy will enable us to rapidly move forward within the business. I can highly recommend them to you.

Brian Clivaz
CEO Arts Club
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Project planning meeting
Paul Serrell Cooke
This style of meeting simplifies the complex visually and with buy in of participants.

The pre and post workshop support was excellent.

Paul Serrell-Cooke
HR PEP Change Team
Ministry of Justice
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Team Building Lego Serious Play
A team build workshop
Sean organised and delivered a brilliant workshop.

Even the tiniest detail has been carefully thought through. We had fun and came out of the day with important learning.

Rita Fevereiro
Marketing Manager
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Chapter leaders workshop
Suzie Harries
Sean did a fantastic job facilitating our "European Chapter Business Summit" in Copenhagen for MPI in Europe.

We received great feedback from the 40 participants and Sean helped us (MPI) to come out with great input from the meeting. I definitely recommend Sean, ProMeet and IAF

Federico Toja

Meeting Professionals International
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Global summit
Paul Serrell Cooke
Sean facilitated the PCMA Global Medical Meetings Summit. I was impressed with his extensive preparation, endless energy and enthusiasm, flexibility, and ability to synthesize our work in a way that was useful and applicable beyond the summit.

His use of Lego Serious Play presented a unique and creative way for us to think differently about our work and the future of our industry.

Kirsten Olean, CMP, CAE, IOM
Director of Meetings at American Society for Microbiology
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Team build workshop
Sean Blair facilitated Medtronic’s Nordic kickoff meeting in Copenhagen in June 2016.

350 colleagues from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltic countries participated. Sean did a great job.

He was well-prepared and managed to lead panel discussions and interviews on complicated healthcare topics. We really appreciated Sean’s professional, empathetic and humoristic way to engage the audience.”

Marianne Reedtz Sparrevohn
Sr PR & Communications Manager, Medtronic Nordic, Baltic and Poland
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NCVYS Workshop
Sector workshop
Thanks Sean for all your hard work leading up to and including yesterday.

You helped us to move on very significantly, both in the way we work and in the development of our five year strategy.

Nigel Pantling
Chairman - Fight for Sight
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