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I’m presenting a workshop at this years International Association of Facilitators (IAF) conference “Facilitation Reloaded”, on October 3-5 in Copenhagen.

Facilitation Reloaded is shaping up to be a fantastic learning and networking event, so do join us – it is not too late to register at

The aim of my session is to explain, demonstrate and play with some of the ideas, principles and tools inside the ProMeet system in order to pass on, and enable participants to use or adopt any parts that are useful.

Here is a summary of what my workshop will contain.

What worldview are we moving toward?

The big idea that inspired the creation of ProMeet was the idea that human 'worldview' - the tacit set of assumptions and beliefs we human carry about how the world works, and our place in the cosmos, changes over time.

This picture sums us nicely one view of a change over 2500 years towards a participatory worldview:


During my workshop, we’ll gather insights on what you think a post-mechanos worldview might be, or the values and qualities of a more sustainable relationship to the planet and each other.

What universal principles does meeting excellence require?

This shows the principles of meeting excellence that I thought important in 2007 when ProMeet began:

5 principles

During my workshop, we’ll gather insights on the principles of meeting excellence that you consider important, and see if we can co-design a model that contains an ever greater truth.

What is the power of a humble gridcard?

This is a humble gridcard. I
claim that they have great power.

During my workshop, we’ll play with this tool and jointly learn about where this simple tool is brilliant, as well as understand the limitations it might have.

How can learning be bought into each and every meeting?
... and what have we leant today?

ProMeetings use every meeting to learn. And learning done well is where change happens.

Using triple loop learning, or other learning lenses makes learning and change as a ‘now-here’ activity. Imagine learning, and changing each and every day... that’s how we see the potential of day-to-day meetings.



During my workshop, we’ll use our time meeting together to learn about ourselves, our practice and our common interest - facilitation.

I’ll prepare some toolkits of various ProMeet tools for you to take and try out. If you think you’re coming to this workshop, please drop me an email, or a tweet, so I know how many packs to prepare.

I look forward to meeting other likeminded souls in Copenhagen hugely, big thanks to IAF Europe for inviting me to present a workshop.

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